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Questions of the Heart

Spiritual Spectrum TV Series began in the fall of 1986 as an outgrowth of a small group's spiritual vision. Our interest in the format of television as a dynamic medium grew in proportion to our desire to give voice to the minority belief systems of our Colorado community. Our dreams of exploring and sharing the inner journey have helped forge a spiritual bond throughout much of our unique religious community.

Spectral Sojourns

The phenomenal thrust of Spiritual Spectrum remains its forward-looking attitude of promoting genuine dialogue leading to long term friendships between members of many diverse groups. There have been hundreds of panelists on the series ranging from doctors, school teachers, counselors, artists, lawyers, healers, ministers, and everyday citizens. We have learned that each person's spiritual experience is an important building block in the fabric of humankind. Reaching across ecclesiastical barriers has enhanced the lives of those who have graced Spiritual Spectrum's panels, allowing us to look beyond the boundaries of our own beliefs, ever broadening our outlook with a new depth of spirit.

Open Encounters of the Fourth Kind

Spiritual Spectrum's mission is to:

  • Promote and encourage open dialogue among all belief systems
  • Foster an awareness of our rich spiritual heritage
  • Nurture communication, on a personal and collective level, throughout the community
  • Break down the social barriers of religious intolerance and mistrust
  • Play a leadership role ensuring that discussion thrives between spiritual communities
  • Facilitate spiritual exchanges and make them accessible to ordinary citizens as well as experts and leaders
  • Provide a safe environment in which to interact with members of diverse belief systems

Julio, Huston and John

Spiritual Spectrum Creator and Producer D. Julio Edwards, author Huston Smith, and director John A. Lowery. Huston's book, The World's Religions, has sold over 2 million copies.
(From Huston Smith, His Life and Thoughts, tape #54)

The Future Is Now

Through the process of sharing, we as a society can overcome our fears and prejudices of those who are different. Spiritual Spectrum seeks to hold a mirror up to each of us and our institutions, and to look upon the aspects of selfhood and self-respect which we all share in common. It is through this process that we as a species can expand our awareness in order to meet the challenges of a world growing closer every day. Together we can strengthen the deepest ties which we as a people experience. With true acceptance and dignity we can explore and venerate the many faces of our spiritual lives. Today with foresight we must unlock the vision for future generations by developing the harmony required to sustain us all in the coming age. Spiritual Spectrum's commitment to the future continues to be a positive force in carrying forth a vision of a unified people expressing their spiritual values through their diverse cultures, religions, and belief systems.

Endale, Johnnie, Carol and Andre

Endale Getahun, producer of Ethiopian Cultural TV and Addis Treet, Johnnie Johnson, producer of Innervision and Power in Victory, and Carol McCallum-Shockness, producer of The Cam Hour and Share the Vision, on the set with host Andre Radatus. (From Media and Spirituality, tape #55)

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