What the Hell is Community Access?
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Don't Burn Yourself
Rather than reinvent the wheel here, we recommend that you visit these great sites to find out about PEG
(Public, Education, Government), Community Access, and TV in general


Pasadena Community Access Corporation, Channel 56
The Global Village CAT
Acadiana Open Channel
Denver Community TV
North Texas Explorer
The Buske Group
Grand Rapids Community Media Center
Television Production
A Comprehensive On-line Cybertext in Studio and Field Production
Television - Where and Why
Alliance for Community Media
Giving Kids Courage (5th grader produces access TV show)
Videomaker's Public Access Page
Building Community Through Media
Public Access Television and Democratic Empowerment:
Lessons for the Internet

Telecommunications Bill of 1996
Supreme Court Rules on Public Access
FCC Updates on recent Telecommunications regulations
Community Access TV of Boulder
San Francisco Community TV
Cable Access Sites on the Web

Paper Tiger Television
Hawaii Community Television Producers Association
The Ultimate Access List
Worldwide links to Public/Community Access Television Sites
Queens Public Television
Community Television for the Southern Berkshires.
Access Tucson
Public Access - River Falls

If you find a bad link, or know of one that we should add,


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