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Coming Soon - DVDs with higher quality video

We are currently digitizing all 116 one hour episodes of the series and will have them available on DVDs soon. August 2005 update: we have completed converting the first 52 shows, all digitally remastered from the original master tapes. We also have discovered several shows that we forgot about and will now include in the series.

If you have an outstanding order with us for video tape, we have not forgotten you. We will contact you and send copies of the shows on DVDs when they becomes available. If your email address or mailing address has changed, please email us with the updated info. This process is taking literally years to complete and we are extremely thankful for your patience.

Spiritual Spectrum TV Series
C/O Enoch Productions
PO Box 18464
Denver, CO 80218-0464


Permission is granted to use these TV shows, in whole or part, in any academic, non-profit, or PEG access endeavor provided "Produced through the facilities of Denver Community TV or American Cablevision in Littleton" (as appropriate) is acknowledged. (Closing credits automatically contain this info.)


The producer, D. Julio Edwards, is responsible for original series content. No liability is assumed for misuse or misrepresentation of contents due to any post editing or taking any comments or segments out of context of the entire show in which the information originally appeared. The panelists, hosts, guests and talent represent their own views and opinions. We hope you will tell others about this series and we would appreciate any .

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